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Supervised contacts
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We work with the local authorities, hospitals and private clients to ensure that demands for Supervised Contacts are met, determining the suitability of parents to have custody of their children. The service provided is of benefit to all involved, including parents, social workers, children, foster parents, siblings and solicitors. We provide appropriately trained and qualified independent workers to supervise the contact sessions, and then prepare comprehensive reports for the social workers about the contact sessions.

What is
Supervised contacts?

Supervised contact is the supervision of a child by a safe adult whilst the child has contact with a non-resident family member.

Supervised contact is used when it has been determined that a child has suffered or is at risk of suffering harm during contact. Referrals will usually be made by the local authority, another child contact centre, a court, CAFCASS officer or by a self-referral. Supervised contact supports the physical safety and emotional well-being of a child whilst they have contact with their non-resident parent. We can help to re-establish contact when there has been a significant time lapse of no contact. We can assist parents in building and sustaining positive relationships between themselves and their child.

We support contact for children with significant others in their families and promote sibling relationships. We work in a sensitive manner and at the child’s pace.

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